WhatsApp innovates: a new function to see who is online

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Messaging giant WhatsApp is set to launch a new feature that will allow users to see which contacts have recently been online. This initiative is part of a series of improvements aimed at enriching the user experience and encouraging new interactions.

The update will introduce a specific section at the bottom of the main discussion list. This new feature will display recently online contacts, taken directly from the user’s address book, offering suggestions of people to start a conversation with. This could particularly encourage exchanges with individuals previously never contacted via the application.

This innovation is revealed by WABETAInfo, a site specializing in WhatsApp news, illustrating the application’s continued commitment to improving the social integration of its users. This development is a continuation of recent features announced by WhatsApp, such as the three new filters for conversations, aimed at simplifying and personalizing the use of the application.

In addition to boosting new conversations, this feature offers a practical benefit: when adding contacts to a call, the user can see who among their contacts was online recently. This detail can be crucial in choosing the best time to contact someone, thereby optimizing the chances of an immediate response.

It is important to note that the feature will respect users’ privacy settings regarding their online status. Thus, although the list of online contacts is not exhaustive, it provides valuable information, at the same time respecting the privacy of individuals.

The impact of WhatsApp on our modes of communication is significant. A recent study from Hootsuite and Meltwater reveals that users around the world spend an average of 17 hours and 6 minutes per month on the app. This new feature could therefore play an important role in how we choose to interact and stay connected.

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