The daily health benefits of eating bananas

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Bananas, with an annual consumption of 7.71 kilos per person in Belgium, dominate the fruit market. This fruit is often the subject of controversy, particularly regarding its impact on weight. Specialists like dietitian Sanne Mouha and nutrition expert Rosa Luyten offer us scientific insight, dismantling the myth that the banana is an excessively high-calorie fruit.

Rosa Luyten points out that bananas are not only practical because they are available all year round, but they also provide many benefits thanks to their high fiber content. These fibers allow for slow absorption of energy, making bananas particularly effective for sustainable energy intake. Sanne Mouha adds that bananas are rich in magnesium, potassium, pectin, starch and vitamin B6, making them an ideal snack, especially for athletes.

The popularity of bananas can be explained by their ease of consumption and constant availability. They are appreciated for their sweet taste, especially when ripe. However, their reputation is sometimes tarnished by unfounded accusations regarding their calorie content.

Despite the criticism, experts say bananas are a healthy choice. Compared to other fruits, they certainly contain more calories, but their composition rich in starch and fiber makes them more satiable. Luyten refutes the idea that bananas are not recommended for those who are watching their figure, insisting that their nutritional density is more advantageous than that of many snacks with equivalent calories.

Sanne Mouha recommends limiting consumption to one banana per day for the majority of people, while noting that individuals with certain health conditions such as kidney problems or diabetes should consult a professional. Luyten reiterates the importance of a balanced diet, emphasizing that fruits, including bananas, play a crucial role in preventing diseases such as hypertension and cardiovascular disorders.

To conclude, Mouha shares tips for preserving bananas. She advises never keeping them in the refrigerator and placing them next to unripe fruits to speed up their ripening. A simple method to prevent ripening too quickly is to wrap the stems of bananas with plastic, thereby minimizing exposure to the ethylene they give off.

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