Acquisition of arable concession in Brazza by Rwanda: a weapon of economic destruction at the gates of Kinshasa (Analysis by André-Alain Atundu)

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When two years ago, Rwanda acquired a large concession of arable land in Congo-Brazza, undoubtedly in return for financial consideration, Congolese public opinion was moved, and even the political class, seeing it as an illusion of Kagame to attack Kinshasa like the airborne operation on Kitona and Tshangu. Even today, Congolese opinion, as a whole, widely shares this idea to the point of attacking President Sassou without just and valid cause for complicity with Rwanda against the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A more subtle and more strategic approach allows us to reach a different conclusion, as this hypothesis presents enormous risks at the international level and even of war between Brazzaville and Kinshasa. As a true strategist, Kagame cannot lead such a counterproductive initiative for him and Rwanda. The reality and purpose of this economic operation seems different. Considering Kinshasa, with its more than 10 million inhabitants, as both a growing market and the soft underbelly of the Tshisekedi Regime, Kagame made this gigantic investment to be a supplier, by derivation, of the Kinshasa market. A real biological weapon at the door of Kinshasa capable of asphyxiating, over time and at will, the Tshisekedi regime and its successors.

After the military missiles installed in the east of Congolese territory, Kagame thus installs, with complete indifference, a real bio-economic missile of mass destruction, capable of asphyxiating Kinshasa and therefore weakening Tshisekedi’s power. A real project of social and political assassination by fragmentation. Instead of complaining and incriminating without just and valid cause, the Leaders of the Country should practice economic intelligence to prepare for this eventuality. It is therefore time to wake up the green belt around Kinshasa to make the capital autonomous and independent. This is a concrete and relevant element which gives meaning and consistency to the grassroots development project from 145 Territories. The interconnection between these Territories will allow the Congo to be a single and integrated market protected from the whims or hazards of importing products to feed the populations of the Capital and the interior of the Country.

In this vein, the introduction, within the Government, of a new and innovative ministry, such as the Ministry of Internal Trade, would be a step in the right direction. This will have the effect of reducing Rwanda’s blackmail and the pressure from the International Community on Tshisekedi and the Democratic Republic of Congo for an unconditional withdrawal of Rwandan troops, despite the contrary opinion of the International Community and for integration. , that is to say the official infiltration of its accomplices into the system of governance, administration and defense of the Country. This would be an effective way to defuse Kagame’s time bomb.

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